Building a startup without a technical co-founder is hard. It shouldn't be.

There are great development agencies out there, but most non-technical entrepreneurs struggle to work successfully with them. Hearing these challenges repeatedly from our friends and colleagues is what drove us to start YComplex
Unexpected Delays

"We expected to be launching in April. It's December and we've still not published our app. There's constantly some 'minor' piece of functionality missing and we never reach the finish line."

Cost overruns

"The estimate to complete this phase was $60,000. We've now spent over $100,000 and the worst part is we don't know what is driving the budget increases."

Hidden Decisions

"We found out that the platform our developers chose would not scale beyond c.10,000 users. If we'd known this beforehand, we would have made very different choices. "

We focus on the technology

so that you can focus on everything else

Reliable Engineering

We build you an amazing product, with known timelines and at a fixed cost. That means you can focus on finding customers, wowing investors and building a great business.

Strategic Advice

Our interim-CTO service can provide you with a real technology partner until you scale up your own founder team.

Why YComplex

We're different. We bring ALL the skills needed to help you succeed.


We were successful management consultants at McKinsey & Company, advising global multi-nationals, and led Strategic Planning for Skype


We have Computer Science degrees from top-tier Universities such as Stanford, and have spent many years as product developers


We've founded companies, been through funding rounds, successful exits and repeatedly built products and startups that have wow-ed users and investors

Our Services

We support you from concept to a scaling business

Product Planning

Assist you in feature prioritization, and guide you in making critical architecture decisions.

Initial Product Development

From proof-of-concept to fully-functional product, within a fixed budget and delivered on time.

Engineering Management

Manage "sprints" / delivery from 3rd-party developers, and assist in vendor selection.

Ongoing Advisory

Supporting you in ensuring you get value from all your technology investment - with roadmap planning, workshops etc.

Our guarantee

We do things a little differently.

Single Point of Contact

Each project will have a single YComplex Partner as your point-of-contact. Design, development, or advice, they're the only person you have to call. One person on the hook for ensuring you're happy.

Fixed Fees

We will provide you with a cost up-front for developing your product. If things are harder than we initially expect, you don’t pay any more. And if requirements change, we'll try to accomodate them in the same cost.

On-time Delivery

We deliver on time, so that you can accurately plan your business. If we’re late delivering, we should be penalised, not you and so you'll get an automatic discount. But we won’t be.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

If after any phase you're unhappy with our work, you don’t have to pay for it. Our contract terms allow you to walk away without paying for something that doesn't meet your needs.

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Our Pricing

Indicative pricing - we'll work with you to develop a personalized quote.

Working Demo

  • Planning and Architecture
  • Basic design
  • MultipleSingle platform build*
  • Server development
  • Infrastructure hosting


  • Planning and Architecture
  • Professional design
  • MultipleSingle platform build*
  • Server development
  • Infrastructure hosting**

MVP Plus

  • Planning and Architecture
  • Expert design
  • Multiple platform build
  • Server development
  • Infrastructure hosting**

Interim CTO

  • Roadmap design
  • Outsourcer management
  • Ongoing planning
  • Technology workshops

* Hybrid applications, which work across platforms without modification, considered a single platform

** 6-months of server hosting costs included


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